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  1. How To Make Your Life A Blessing
  2. count (one's) blessings
  3. count (one's) blessings
  4. Gratitude Challenge: How to Count Your Blessings
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Emmons conclusion is that gratitude is a choice, one possible response to our life experiences. Getting Started. If you would like to increase the level of gratitude in your life, here are five suggestions for getting started. This is probably the most effective strategy for increasing your level of gratitude.

Count your blessings, name them one by one

Set aside time daily to record several things that you are grateful for. Typically, people list three to five. You can write when you get up or at the end of the day. Pick a time that you will consistently have available. You can use a book like the Journal of Gratitude or write on loose-leaf paper or a notebook.

The important thing is to establish the daily practice of paying attention to gratitude-inspiring events and to write them down.

How To Make Your Life A Blessing

In Emmons' words, the act of writing "allows you to see the meaning of events going on around you and create meaning in your own life. Two obstacles to being grateful are forgetfulness and lack of awareness. You can counter them by giving yourself visual cues that trigger thoughts of gratitude. Emmons says he puts Post-It notes listing his blessings in many places, including on his refrigerator, mirrors and the steering wheel of his car.

Another strategy is to set a pager, computer or iPad to signal you at random times during the day and to use the signal to pause and count blessings. Social support encourages healthy behaviors, because we often lack the discipline to do things on our own. Just as you may be more likely to exercise if you have an exercise partner or participate in a class, you may be able to maintain the discipline of gratitude more easily if you have a partner with whom to share gratitude lists and to discuss the effects of gratitude in your life.

Find a grateful person and spend more time with him or her. We feel accountable when we make commitments to others. In our self-help course, we have people set weekly goals for themselves. The fact that the goal is made publicly to a group, makes it more likely that people will follow through. For a discussion of how to achieve short-term goals, see the chapter on goals and targets in our course text, available in the Online Books section of the Library.

count (one's) blessings

We all carry on an inner dialogue with ourselves that is often called "self-talk. Research has shown that we can change our mood by changing the tone of the things we say to ourselves. For an introduction to this approach, called cognitive therapy, and a description of a three-step process to change your self-talk, see the article "Taming Stressful Thoughts" reference below.

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count (one's) blessings

It has opened my eyes so that I can see so many things that up to now have missed. Telling my boys that I love them is important to me.

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And to tell them how proud my wife and I are of them. It is a blessing to me! Finding my way to this post this morning encourages me and no doubt many others. In the midst of my upheavals, I have blessings to count and gratitude to give, starting here. Thank You! I tend to count my blessings, perhaps not aloud, but regularly.

So rather than one I haven;t spoken about, I would say that I could be more vocal about all of my blessings at times. I try to speak good things as soon as I get up in the morning. What we do shapes how we think. There is verse in the bible that say we have the power of life and death on our tongues. I want my words to be used to build up and and bless; not criticize and tear down. Yesterday I commented on LinkedIn regarding a similar topic. We will find whatever we are looking for, positive or negative.

I choose to look for the positive. I found this article very inspirational. For some reason most of us tend to focus on the hard and difficult things in our life. Waking up and speaking our gratitude is an awesome idea. Sounds like a wise man! I love this- so powerful and so timely for some I need to share this with.

What a beautiful reminder of speaking gratefulness and the double exponential blessing that is!! Jeff, My son is about to purpose. He would love to use that blessing. Can you shar it? This was a wonderful post, but I failed to comment on my favorite. Your post about commitment I have shared with all my friends and family. It is a rarely spoken and much needed truth. Thank you! If you send me an email, emoffic gmail. The power of the spoken word is remarkable.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

From out of the mouth speaks the heart, creating a flow of energy, capable of causing a ripple effect, or a chain reaction of goodness in our world. We all ought to do this several times a day. This article reflects points from a conversation I just had with a friend of mine. We talked about gratitude, even in the midst of challenges, hardship or even tragedy. The article also emphasizes the importance of being intentional in our thoughts and words each day, as both thoughts and words are not only powerful directors of our lives, but they have the potential to empower others.

We are called to unleash the power. I count my blessings everyday. I thank God everyday for letting me wake up. I say it out loud and I often remind friends how greatful we should be. Shalom Alechem! Thanks Debby. Blessings can help us keep gratitude front and center every day. What we practice is what we become. Our emotions follow our thoughts. Practicing the art of Blessing is the positive art of a Thankful heart.

I have found what I focus on will determine the outcome. This is powerful — one thing I try to ask myself in any situation is if I am going to chose to be a blessing to other person and make the situation better or a curse and make the situation worse. I might try being thankful upon waking and see if it helps cure my consistent morning grumpiness. Thank you as always for sharing such wisdom. What you say is true — everyday is a gift. I try to remember to pray before my feet hit the floor in the mornings.

I know it has greatly influenced her life and she will do great things for God! Thank you for the great message. One of my greatest blessings came from speaking I love you to my childhood abuser my mom for 4 years until she surrendered herself to God and we finally heard it back I say we because one of my siblings heard I love you from his mom the first time at age 72! The Modeh Ani the morning prayer mentioned has always held a special place in my heart.

Gratitude Challenge: How to Count Your Blessings

And i am by no means a religious follower of Judaism. What better way to express gratitude when the spirit is awoken first thing — the morning represents a fresh awakening in the face of whatever has come prior. To be thankful of THIS current day that is beginning and all that you take into it and could take out of it. How perfect each day could and should be. Our blessing is not that we can look, sniff, touch, eat, hear or be conscious. Our blessing comes when we can be conscious of being conscious, see what we look at, smell what we sniff, feel what we touch, taste what we eat and listen to what we hear.

An unexpected gift to come across this late at night in the UK one of those beautiful gems God leaves.

The Story Behind Count Your Blessings

Thank you. It is set to music by the English composer John Rutter. I think too that is a blessing at work, it seems to be nothing tangible on the surface, but people know when it has visited Have left a link to the music here in case you want to check it out.. Being aware that our lives are in our hands is a true blessing. With life and experiences comes struggle. Struggles develop out of relationships, such as you a father of two experienced. Due to your relationship with your faith, you are able to shape your struggles or discomfort into something positive, into a blessing.

This is a beautiful way of utilizing solutions within yourself and your life. I like that you point out that acknowledging blessing is not enough. We need to say them in order to experience then. In my experience as a therapist, people gain meaning if our actions are emphasized through our inner state of mind. We all get messages from society, family, friends, culture, faith, and so forth. They tend to lock up our mind with chatter and struggles.

However we have the opportunity to acknowledge this chatter and shape our mind around our dreams, hopes, and aspirations instead. Paying attention to the positive can help us to see solutions rather than struggles and enhance our quality of life. Eucharisteo — grace, thanksgiving, joy. Good luck!! Take care.

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