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Please come and join me! September I know, things have been quiet. The thing is, I have been working.

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Is that really what I sound like? A real honour, this. Now I am hoping the toilet will block again! The temptation to reach for hyperbole is almost overwhelming. Feb 9: And another one! Lots of nice re pre-? Nice one! For the full review, have a look at the Reviews section makes sense, right? December Another nice end-of-year list to find myself on, this one from the Winnipeg Free Press.

November 9: Book of the year? October 23, Nice piece on translated fiction in the Toronto Star today — I give a little interview towards the end. October 20, Arrived at the International Festival of Authors. October 13, Off to Calgary for WordFest. Reading on Saturday, 5th at Should be a blast! September Reading at Eden Mills Festival. Great line-up, should be a ton of fun. Come on out oh ye Gulphites everybody else is also very welcome! They have the most wonderful collection of poetry and hard-to-get prose. I may have to spend a day or two in an ego-deflation chamber now….

I went a few years back and had a blast. Make sure to come, Torontoites! March The dates for my reading tour through Germany and Austria have been confirmed. Bloomsbury USA will be bringing it out in Feb Not that I am complaining, mind! The ticket prices are fair and cheaper than comparable offers by DB.

A railwayman-Christmas-fairy tale, of which we someday hope to be able to say: and they railroaded happily ever after. The first contract, the first client, the first million. Talk about success? Anyone can do that. But about mistakes? Admitting that you trusted the wrong person, bet too much money on the wrong horse, looked the other way for too long?

The long-time column about economic failure reaches its climax now with a collection of honest confessions. And so Manfred Maus, co-founder of the OBI markets, tells us about when he looked away as bribe money was flowing through his company. Or the former chairman of the board of Hannover Finanz recounts relying on overzealous managers.

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Architect Meinhard von Gerkan trusted shady clients. No path is a straight line, not even those that seem successful. An intimate, direct and informative book that makes the life experience of big names tangible to us. Which makes him something like the advocate of the DNA of Berlin. In the magazine Berliner Wirtschaft, he regularly writes about exciting companies like MMW and entrepreneurs like our Julia , he hosts, he gives talks, he plans and organises events, specialist conferences and exhibitions. And on top of all this, he is founder and chairman of the Medienliga Berlin-Brandenburg a media football league , in which 32 teams — from Flux FM to Vice Magazine, Der Tagesspiegel to X-Filme — play football in two leagues, fighting for promotion or against relegation, for the championship and the cup.

German editions of the Three Investigators

A word, Mr. Houllebecq, B. Vian, T. Mann, R. Contact: j. That is, by the way, more than the digital industry and the start-ups. That says it all, really. Mick Jagger as a film producer and Helmut Newton as set photographer.

The annual tradeshow for professionals and platform of a new outdoor movement

What would you do without a computer? I would enjoy being offline, relax and realise that life works without a computer as well. Which moment changed everything? When I returned from Spain and landed in Berlin, more or less by chance. Which problem would you like to solve? That in Berlin — despite the economic boom — every third child is still living below the poverty line. A penguin wearing a sombrero comes into a bar and says: Can you change your whole life in a day?

Your favourite swear word? Vollpfosten German for something like a total spoon. How can someone impress you? By not taking themselves too seriously and not succumbing to every hype, but questioning things — especially regarding spreading opinions in digital media. What would you like to be better at? Being more patient and cooking.

I can hack the basics, though. What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home? Because I will have run out of basics, I would take you out for the in my opinion best sushi in Berlin made by the probably only Turkish sushi-chef of the city.

What are you most afraid of? That our thinking is too black and white and we might forget that beside the digital world there is an analogue world on which our cognitive capabilities, for example, are based. When was the last time you tried something new and what was it? At the beginning of this month, I went to Ireland to learn to surf. Straight away, but somewhere warmer… However, Ireland really is a beautiful Island.

What should no one know about you? Which question should we have asked you? He has spent almost his whole life taking pictures, for all the greats, but shows no signs of growing tired of them. Because looking means sensing, remembering, collecting impressions and feelings.

From all his travels — which were pretty many in three decades — Renner wrote personal lines on innumerable postcards to his wife and, later on, his sons. And now the sender himself has put them together in a personal book that takes us on a journey around the world that makes us yearn for wide open spaces and undiscovered places. And brings us really close to the photographer, traveller and friend Ivo von Renner.

In over post cards, the seemingly insurmountable distance between home and wanderlust becomes smaller. And the pictures, at the same time, document the world and Renner himself. Well alright, here it is!

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On Monday evening, we were sitting together at our MMW Christmas party, looking back on the past year and thinking about which things we wanted to tackle next year and how to go about it, when — push message by push message — news about the events at Breitscheidplatz reached us.

We stopped in our tracks, contacted our family and friends, spoke about our feelings. Different than before. Lara rated it really liked it Feb 17, Squirrel rated it it was ok Dec 16, Sena rated it it was amazing Nov 19, Julia rated it really liked it Dec 18, Wiebke rated it it was ok Jan 24, Insa rated it it was ok May 04, Melanie rated it it was amazing Apr 28, Diana rated it really liked it Jun 09, Andrea rated it really liked it Sep 11, Ellemir rated it liked it Dec 27, Carina rated it liked it Jun 24, Jana rated it really liked it Apr 25, Manybooks marked it as to-read Dec 07, Dottergelb added it Jul 09, Paula added it Jul 25, Jay added it Sep 13, Inga added it Feb 25, Igraine added it Jun 15, Birgit added it Jul 04, Claudia Ose marked it as to-read Dec 27, Alena added it Aug 11, Dirk added it Sep 21, Dra added it Aug 27, Justreadin added it Sep 27, Mary Koepke marked it as to-read Mar 11, Franzi added it Mar 04, Petra added it Mar 10, Anna added it Mar 23, Martina Schwieger marked it as to-read Jun 01,